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Living with a brain injury: Survivors tell their stories

I Love My Brain, a recent event hosted by Stanford Synapse

"One day as he rode on campus, his bike struck a post, and Supakkul went flying. He was wearing a helmet but still sustained a concussion. His symptoms persisted over the next few weeks: headaches, dizziness and disorientation, particularly when he tried to read."

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Brain injury support group responds to unmet need in local community

Members of Stanford Synapse at a recent Student Activities Fair

“Why do you put a case on your iPhone, but not a helmet on your head?” Members of Stanford Synapse, a brain injury support group, like to ask this question to students biking on campus without head protection. “If you crash and hit your head, it’s going to cost you a lot more than [the cost of an iPhone] and a lot longer to get it fixed,” cautioned Brett Bullington, a member of Synapse and survivor of traumatic brain injury. “The brain is a fragile thing.”

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