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With August upon us, it's time to relish the last bit of summer! No matter where you are, we hope you're finding happiness and strength in those around you.

The recent Pets and Pals social hosted by Synapse at the University of Washington

University of Washington | Pets and Pals!

In July, Synapse at the University of Washington held a Pets and Pals social. Snacks and toys were available for pets and pals alike. Due to popular demand, Pets and Pals will be held again in the upcoming year! Along with regular peer support groups on campus and at Seattle Brainworks, UW's next summer event will be a trip to the Woodland Park Zoo on August 12th. Finally, UW will end the summer season with a Panel and Pizza event where health professionals, students, and community members will have the opportunity to share their experiences with brain injury.


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