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Students building supportive communities for individuals with brain injury

About Synapse

Synapse empowers students to work together to improve the lives of those living with brain injury by supporting chapters at universities across the nation. Our national team provides training sessions and written resources to educate chapter leaders about brain injury, creating effective support groups, and building community partnerships. Our advisors are available to help students overcome obstacles and answer questions as they arise.

Our approach provides students with an opportunity to positively impact their communities through service and fosters their development as leaders. During their time in Synapse, students will connect with other chapters to share their experiences and advice. These students form a network of future physicians, scientists, and policy makers who are passionate about improving care for brain injury.

Student chapters primarily do three things:

  • Organize events to provide individuals with brain injury with opportunities to connect with and support one another
  • Foster relationships between students and individuals with brain injury through a structured buddy program
  • Plan lectures by physicians and researchers on the latest advances in the field


Synapse’s mission is to empower undergraduates to become leaders in their communities by collaborating with physicians and community partners to serve individuals with brain injury.

The mission of Synapse is threefold:

  • To provide individuals with brain injury with opportunities to connect with and learn from one another and improve their access to resources.

  • To provide students with the opportunity to serve as leaders in their communities and to learn about the patient perspective of living with a brain injury.

  • To build a network of leaders in medicine, science, policy and education committed to improving care for brain injury.

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